Roping, Lead-Line, Barrels, Poles, Stakes, Straight Away Barrels, Flags, Goat Tying

*** Attention ***

The DRC rodeo at the West Cal has been cancelled at this time due to Hurricane Laura, we WILL reschedule for some time next Spring.

The three DRC's that we missed have been rescheduled!  The new dates are as follows:

August 7-8
September 4-5
October 9-10

Please note, we have made some time changes:
*The books will close at 11:00 am.
*Goat Ribbon Pull will start at 11:30 am with the prayer and National Anthem immediately following.

Roping books close at 9:00 am, roping events start at 9:30 am
Leadline books close at 9:30 am, events start at 10:00 am

Contact DRC at:

Sponsors Welcome!

See board member for details.